About us.

No matter what financial technology a business may need to succeed, the Loyaltek Group is here to process funds the best way possible: easily, efficiently, and securely.

Our mission.

The Loyaltek Group is dedicated to helping people benefit from a better financial system. Whether you work with our acquiring and issuing specialist Paynovate, use Loyalpay as a terminal provider, boost your marketing through gift card campaigns with Giftify, or choose Fintronik for custom processing and payment services, the Loyaltek Group is here to process funds the best way possible: easily, efficiently, and securely.

Our Commitment for your Money.


Across our four divisions, we guarantee seamless issuing, acquiring, processing, and payment services so you can focus on the important stuff: your clients and revenue.


Our IT, product, and development teams are constantly working to improve our machines, design innovative software, upgrade processing flows, and develop marketing technology so you can enjoy the best services, as quickly as possible.


We take security seriously, from AML to day-to-day transactions with local vendors. Our team is constantly monitoring your accounts to ensure unparalleled safety.

Company history.

We’ve come a long way since 2009. Here’s a few words from Robert Masse, our founder and CEO, about the future of the Loyaltek Group

In 2009, Robert Masse noticed a gap in the Belgian market: not a single company was providing digital customer retention programmes, despite these services already being common in most Western European markets.

That same year, we took this idea and converted it into action with our first loyalty card scheme – CARTOO.

As our experience grew, so did our company – in 2010 we took things to the next level with our first NFC micropayment contract with PingPing (Belgacom) and custom loyalty services for Royal Canin.

In 2012 we had the capacity to offer our clients fully custom loyalty solutions including both card schemes and terminals. At that moment, Loyaltek was born.

Our Evolution.

In the past decade, Loyaltek has grown to address all things issuing and acquiring.

We are now using our innovative energy to help people benefit from a better financial system. Recently, this evolution has meant a rebirth.

We are the Loyaltek Group.

Loyalty card start-up
Start of payment terminals and issuing/acquiring services
Fintech Scale-Up with service-based subdivisions
Evolution to Loyaltek Group
Corporate evolution for our 4 divisions


Payment Cards Possibilities

Key milestones.

For over a decade we've worked to create innovative financial solutions, growing from a loyalty programmer into a leader in e-money, processing, and marketing technology.


  • Launch of CARTOO
  • Universal Loyalty Card
  • Landed our first major loyalty client: Royal Canin


Contract with Belgacom for PingPing (NFC micropayment)


First payment terminal certified (8000+ GPRS)


First shopping centre gift card programme (at "Les Bastions", Tournai Belgium)


First financial license and acquiring for both Visa and Mastercard


Acquiring partner for 80% of Belgian direct sales sector


  • 100K+ gift cards sold
  • 5K corporate cards issued


10K+ terminals sold


  • 10K+ corporate cards issued


  • 1M+ gift cards sold
  • Principal membership with Visa
  • Principal membership with Bancontact
  • 20M+ EUR / month in acquiring


  • 2M+ gift cards sold
  • 50K+ corporate cards issued


  • 200M+ EUR / month acquiring at Paynovate
  • 5M+ EUR / month international remittances
  • Launch of Paynovate IBAN accounts with SCT, Instant SCT, and SDD

Our companies.


Acquiring | Issuing | Banking


Secure Payment Terminals


Gift Card Marketing Technology


Processing Corporate and Consumer Cards

Principal partnerships and accolades.

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We are a scale-up in the beating-heart of Brussels dedicated to transparent, secure, and most of all human financial technology. When you join our international team, you’ll have the flexibility to work remotely or from our office in central Brussels. Whether you find your #fintech match at Paynovate, LoyalPay, Giftify or Fintronik you'll be helping people benefit from a better financial system.

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