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Scale-up mentality,
amazing people.

We’re a fast-growing group of complementary companies, united by a scale-up mentality and a strong drive to create a better financial system for everyone.

Our innovative energy and amazing team took us from the start-up we were in 2009 to the Loyaltek Group we are now.

We are people-focused and results-driven – always evolving, learning, and striving to do more. Our personalized approach and flat structure ensure a thriving environment for people to get better, be empowered and enjoy their jobs.

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We set our teams – and our clients up for success and we do it in the best way possible.

Our mission

The Loyaltek Group is dedicated to helping people benefit from a better financial system.

Whether they work with our acquiring and issuing specialist Paynovate, use Loyalpay as a terminal provider, boost marketing through gift card campaigns with Giftify, or choose Fintronik for card issuing and BIN sponsorship, the Loyaltek Group is here to process funds the best way possible: easily, efficiently, and securely. 

This philosophy extends to our teams, as well: we want people to reach their full potential and enjoy what they’re doing in an easy, straightforward and efficient way. We strive to offer the right environment, mindset and benefits to support the growth of each individual – in the best way possible.

Life at Loyaltek.

Life at Loyaltek celebrates uniqueness in a thriving community. We cultivate transparency and growth, we encourage flexibility and support a good work-life balance.

Our best asset? Amazing people, just like you

Life at Loyaltek is guided by a philosophy that celebrates uniqueness in a thriving community.

We’re present

For our colleagues and for our clients, alike. We aim to create an environment of trust and safety, so that everyone feels confident and comfortable working with us.

We’re transparent

We value honesty and share knowledge generously. Whether you’re more of a private person or a bubbly sharer, you’ll find it easy to be open here.

We grow with the flow

We’re lifelong learners, always curious and constantly changing. You’ll never feel bored or stuck here – you’ll have the freedom to explore opportunities, enjoy extensive training and boost empowerment. We want you to be the best possible version of yourself.

We adapt

Flexibility is in our DNA. We encourage our employees to find the conditions that work best for them: whether it’s working from home or from one of our amazing headquarters, exploring options abroad or a mix of everything, we’re here for it. The work/life balance is more than just a catchphrase for us.

We make it fun

We genuinely enjoy what we do and this reflects both in our work and in our culture. We have frequent get-togethers that bring the team together and offer a space for life beyond and after work. From team buildings to afterwork parties or annual kick offs, we strive to make our team members engaged, connected and energized.

Why Loyaltek

We’re an ever-evolving company, proudly focused on people, innovation and constant growth.

By joining one of our teams you’re embarking on a journey of improvement, fun and variety:

There’s strength in numbers

We have over 100 employees across our 4 divisions, each unique, all sharing our philosophy of efficiency & growth.

Pick a branch

From our acquiring and issuing specialist Paynovate, to the marketing driven Giftify, from terminal providers LoyalPay, to the custom processing and payment services of Fintronik, you’ll find the right space to make a difference.

We’re international

Our headquarters are in Brussels, Dubaï, Kuala Lumpur, Paris and Newcastle, just a flight (or a call) away from you.

Embark on your Loyaltek journey.

Join one of our fast growing teams and enjoy all the benefits that come with an innovative workplace committed to supporting and empowering people.

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